Liveaboard diving trips provide an all-in-one diving experience, taking care of travel, accommodation and meal arrangements while giving divers an opportunity to explore exotic marine life from their own private dive boat.

Liveaboard dive trips typically span one week or more and focus on exploring various dive sites in an area. One main advantage over resort stays is being able to visit more remote and unique dive sites that can only be reached via boat – these locations may be less visited and offer richer marine life than reefs close to shore.

Liveaboard trips provide more diving opportunities each day than resort-based excursions as the boat can move to various spots depending on weather conditions, giving you more dives per day to see more marine life and gain greater understanding of how reefs function and the creatures that reside within them.

Liveaboard diving can be an incredible dream job opportunity, offering PADI Divers the chance to travel around and dive some of the best sites worldwide. However, as with any job it comes with some lifestyle sacrifices that should be considered before applying for their first liveaboard position.

Living on a liveaboard for several days or weeks with other divers and full-time crew is no simple task, hence its name – that’s why “liveaboard” refers to this form of diving adventure. Therefore, packing lightly as possible and only taking essentials such as masks or O-rings as well as medical supplies like seasickness tablets is key for successful trip. Taking Divemaster training makes self-sufficiency skills even more vital, including having extra equipment such as O-rings as well as medical supplies like seasickness tablets on board is also key if self-sufficiency will play a part.

Make sure your liveaboard gear includes all the items listed on its itinerary list – everything from torch batteries and camera scuba tank adaptors, through dive insurance coverage and air cylinders (DIN or International), to making sure all scuba equipment has been serviced before your journey begins.